Biogas pilot venture at Wli waterfalls


  • The Wli waterfalls, the tallest in West Africa and located in the Volta Region of Ghana, are one of the nation’s largest tourist attractions, receiving approximately 15,000 tourists per year yet there are no proper toilet facilities on site.
  • Considered a national treasure, the falls are located within the Agmatsa animal sanctuary and forest reserve and feed a vast number of rivers and waterways upon which hundreds of communities throughout the region depend for drinking water.
  • To protect the falls and surrounding water systems from human waste contamination, installing proper sanitation is urgently needed.
  • Illegal logging in forest reserves is rampant, fueled by poverty and the need for firewood to use as cooking fuel.
  • Unemployment and underemployment among youth and adults is pervasive.
  • Fossil fuels used for electricity, heating, and fuel for vehicles produce tons of carbon (CO2) emissions in Ghana annually.


  • We will establish a community-based biogas production pilot venture which will convert human, animal, agricultural, and food waste into biogas and fertilizer to be sold to local communities and on the commercial market in Ghana.
  • We will use a mini biogas digester, designed for household/restaurant use, as a “proof of concept” for our planned large-scale biogas project.
  • Our mini biogas system will produce 0.5 cubic meters (m3) of biogas DAILY.
  • Our pilot facility will be situated near the Wli waterfalls in the Volta Region’s Hohoe District. There, we will construct four public toilets for visitors to the falls.
  • The start-up capital covers the costs of the plant, toilet construction, equipment, and initial operational expenses. Once funds are raised, the plant will be operational within three months.

Business model

  • The biogas generated daily will be used to power generators on site. These generators will supply electricity for lights to be used at night. This will generate an entire economy as people will be able visit the falls in the evenings and camp overnight.
  • We will sell the excess gas to local communities for use as cooking fuel and on the commercial market. Proceeds from biogas sales will be used to fund NED Africa’s reforestation, conservation, and humanitarian projects.
  • We seek $13,022 USD in start-up capital for the pilot biogas venture.
  • We expect to issue thirty percent (30%) of the pilot venture’s equity to the investor(s) who provide the $13,022 USD in capital.

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