A state-of-the-art indoor vertical organic CBD farm and testing lab

Cannamount Farms LLC aims to consistently produce premium quality medical cannabis flower and concentrate products to meet the on-going needs of our customers while concurrently using economically viable and ecologically sustainable practices. Cannamount is developing the standards for cannabis testing laboratories, focusing on regulatory compliance and oversight at national and international levels.

Company Overview

Cannamount Farms LLC, a subsidiary of NED Africa, is a vertical organic CBD farm and extraction and testing lab, cultivating premium quality cannabis flowers and producing concentrate products for medical use.

In addition to building a commercial cannabis cultivation facility and extraction lab, we are building a Cannabis Compliance/Regulatory Laboratory Testing Infrastructure starting with our flagship testing and research facility in Lesotho, Southern Africa. While our current operation, using a provisional license, is located in Ghana we were unable to renew our license. As a result, we are relocating our operation to Lesotho, where the medical cannabis industry is transparent and fully regulated. We are in the process of obtaining licenses in Lesotho to cultivate, supply or distribute, store, export, import, and manufacture cannabis products for medical purposes.

Cannamount seeks a $2 million cash infusion from investors, whom we promise 30% equity in the Company. We expect to be operational after four months and to repay investor funds over the following three months, with full repayment within seven months. 100% of the Company’s share of the profits goes back to the women and children within the catchment area of our farms through a set of interrelated projects and businesses that, together, aim to empower the whole person: a soup kitchen, a STEM educational institute, entrepreneurship training and seed capital, sustainable housing, a security firm for protection, and a law firm.

The national and international markets are in dire need of additional cannabis cultivation and extraction and testing laboratories, as there is a high demand and low supply for premium quality flower, concentrates, and laboratory extraction and testing services. Rapid national and international expansion is planned in existing key markets along with future markets as legalization develops. We control every aspect of the production of our products as we cultivate the cannabis from seeds to harvest and then dry, cure, and package our premium flower, produce premium concentrates in our onsite extraction lab, and test all our products in our testing lab. This vertical integration will allow us to manage risk and respond flexibly as markets evolve.

Cannamount provides patients, cultivators, producers, and dispensaries with premium quality, organic cannabis flower and concentrates, produced using biodynamic living organic soil-based growing methods. We further provide our customers with valuable certified information about the safety, quality and potency of their medical cannabis products. Cannamount’s operations will be located in Lesotho, including its corporate office, 191-acre property, 15-acre licensed commercial cannabis facility, and primary licensed laboratory and research center.

Cannamount intends to provide a comprehensive menu of products and services to stakeholders in the medical cannabis industry. Our products will include wholesale, organic, premium quality cannabis flower and a variety of concentrate products for medical use. We will offer extraction services, extracting our customers’ raw material and producing concentrate products for them in return. Our testing services will include cannabinoid profiling, microbiological screening, pesticide screening, terpene analysis, infused-product formulation charts and more.

Cannamount offers products, tests, and services aimed to guarantee the quality and potency of all medical cannabis products. We look to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients through cultivation and production of premium quality cannabis and concentrates, accuracy, efficiency, and exemplary services. We are not just launching a company but building a brand known for quality, consistency, and professionalism.

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