An eco-luxury B&B with camping immersed in the verdant jungle

We are raising $56,100 in start-up capital in order to establish The Coach House Bed & Breakfast, LLC, a subsidiary of NED Africa. Funds will be used to purchase tents and hammocks for camping on the private and secluded grounds of NED Africa headquarters, inside the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary and Forest Reserve, and complete the remodeling and additions to a three-story home, creating 30 guest rooms.

In order to raises these funds, Coach House is offering the opportunity for “micro-investors” to invest in the business on a micro basis–in the form of a tent, hammock, backcountry kit, B&B room, or B&B suite–providing an array of price points and excellent returns on investment over the life of the business. We also offer annual free and discounted stays to investors. This is an excellent opportunity for first-time investors, individuals looking to make passive income from good returns on modest investments, or individuals interested in visiting Ghana affordably.

Talk to most people about Ghana and they’re likely to ask “Where’s that?” Ghana is pretty much right at the centre of the world, being both incredibly close to the equator and on the line representing 0° longitude.

Company Overview

The Coach House Bed & Breakfast will be a luxury, eco-friendly bed and breakfast (B&B) with two locations in Ghana. Our headquarters is adjacent to the Wli (pronounced ‘vlee’) Agumatsa cascade waterfalls, the tallest in West Africa at 80 meters high, in the valley below the Afadjato mountain range in the Volta Region–an exquisite landscape of rolling hills, forests, and bubbling streams. The second location is situated in a thickly wooded upscale neighborhood in the tranquil coastal city of Tema. We are a complete bed and breakfast Inn with a full complementary breakfast served each morning to our guests who stay in individually furnished rooms, each with its own antique theme.

Coach House’s target market strategy is based on becoming a destination of choice for international vacationers, student travelers, and remote freelancers and executives alike, who are looking for a place to relax and recharge. We will also advertise to the newly married couple who is looking for that special get-away.

Coach House’s Wli location is four-hour drive from Accra. Most Coach House guests will fly into Kotoka International Airport in Accra and take one of our private air-conditioned shuttles through the scenic countryside to the B&B.

The B&B is nestled next to a river that is revered as sacred by locals in the valley below Mount Afadjato, Ghana’s highest peak, with breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. Deep in the lush, vibrant green jungle filled with birdsong, the owners’ beautiful forested 205-hectare property lies within the Agmatsa wildlife sanctuary in the Volta Region in a primarily Ewe-speaking area bordering Togo.

The Tema location is hidden away in a quiet, tree-lined, upscale elite neighborhood that is home to hundreds of species of birds. Located 45-minutes east of Accra, the port city is known for its stunning coastline, rich culture, delectable cuisine, attractive parks, and outdoor cafes.

In both Wli and Tema, the B&B will reside in a recently renovated three-story home which will serve as the centerpiece for the entire B&B experience. There will be numerous guest rooms to choose from. Both locations have a wonderful centralized living room where the guests may socialize, a private garden patio, large Jacuzzi on the rooftop terrace, and the Buccaneer Culinary Centre on the property. We’ll also provide luxury tents and hammocks for camping on the property. Construction of a swimming pool at each location will be completed within three months of operation.

The long-term goal of Coach House is to become Ghana’s best choice for temporary lodging by creating a differentiated experience capitalizing on personal service, quality accommodations, and unique locations in the most attractive parts of the country. We plan to be more than a great bed and breakfast. We plan to create an environment of pampered luxury that surpasses the standard fare for Ghana.

Expanding our exposure via the Internet and introducing the coast and the waterfalls—which are well-known for their beauty and history—to people who have not yet discovered this year-round paradise will allow us to maintain a higher than average occupancy rate and above average profits.

Approximately 15,000 tourists visit the Wli waterfalls every year, many traveling in groups. The village of Wli, where the waterfalls are located, has no other B&Bs and very few accommodations exist in the surrounding area; no other lodge offers camping. The Coach House B&B seeks to fill this niche and is poised to attract groups of all sizes as well as individual travellers. Coach House’s personalized approach to serving its guests will be consistently rated amongst the World’s Best by readers of Travel + Leisuremagazine as well as others. Indeed, one will have the sense that anything might be possible here. Breakfast can be brought to your room or served in the rooftop terrace overlooking the flower garden or verdant green mountains. Should you wish to take to seaside or the waterfalls for lunch, the staff will pack you an unforgettable picnic and suggest a scenic route to some of the most spectacular scenery in the region and opportunities to view wildlife, including butterflies, tropical birds, monkeys, baboons, and a large colony of fruit bats which clings to the cliffs next to the falls.


The Coach House Bed & Breakfast intends to provide a serene setting for our guests to enjoy the many splendors of the beautiful Ghanaian coast and lush mountainous interior. Each guest will be treated with the kind of attention that is reserved for family. When our guests arrive we want them to leave their troubles at the door and step into a world of luxury and rest. As owners we intend to see that attention to detail and service will be followed by a staff dedicated to each guest.

Micro-investors: Tents, hammocks + hiking kits

A tent investor would provide the $300 needed to make one tent to be fully operational (4-person tent, air mattress, sun shade).
A hammock investor would provide the $100 needed to make one hammock operational.
A backcountry kit investor would provide the $100 needed to make one backcountry kit fully operational.

For each tent, hammock and/or hiking kit investment, the investor receives 10% equity, meaning 10% of sales for each night or rental for the life of the business.

Investor returns

At the current rate, this translates to $1.50 per night for each tent (up to ~$500/year), $1.00 per night for each hammock (up to ~$300/year) and $1.00 per hiking kit rental (up to ~$300/year).

The initial investment will be repaid within 12 months and returns paid quarterly, yearly, or another schedule if preferred.

A verified record of all stays and rentals will be made available at the time that returns are paid.

Guest pricing

$15 USD per night for tents and $10 USD per night for hammocks; each regular backcountry kit rental starts at $10 per day; discounts for large groups [6+] and during ‘soft’ opening will be applied; prices may fluctuate and are expected to increase over time.

Free and discounted stays

All tent, hammock, room, and suite investors enjoy an annual transferable two-week free stay at The Coach House IN their investment!

For the free two-week stay, we also offer discounted upgrades. Investors who wish to stay longer than two weeks may do so at a discount rate. Note that advanced booking may be required depending on availability. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Next steps: Remodeling + building additions

As the headquarters for The Coach House B&B, the Wli location will be developed first. This entails remodeling our three-story home and building an addition to both the front and the back. Construction for the front addition is currently underway. Buildings use natural, eco-friendly materials and sustainably harvested timber; we take great strides to minimize our impact on the local ecosystem. All of our facilities will be off-grid, powered exclusively by renewable energy sources, including solar energy and biogas. We are a zero-waste company,recycling 100% of waste we produce with our closed-loop system.

The end result of the front addition will be an eco-architectural marvel: A 1st floor extension composed of six guest rooms with a spacious multipurpose terrace on the 2nd floor, with two full-grown trees perfectly encased and protected within the building, providing natural shade for the terrace. With stunning 360-degree views of the mountains as a backdrop, this unique outdoor platform will be used for relaxation, sleeping under the stars, as well as special events including live music, traditional dance performances, theater, films, documentaries, live interviews, webinars, business coaching, yoga and meditation retreats, and much more.

Once we complete the front addition, we will create a four-story addition to the back of our home, providing an additional 24 rooms for a total of 30. Over time, we will also build tree houses along the trail to the falls within the wildlife sanctuary.

Micro-investors: B&B rooms + suites

To complete the front and back additions with 30 rooms and suites, we seek a total investment of $21,600 USD.

As with the tents, hammocks, and backcountry kits, investors will have the opportunity to invest in a single room or suite with returns paid over the life of the business. Once we have secured investments for 6 rooms ($3,600 USD) the front addition will be operational.


For each B&B room or suite investment, the investor receives 10% equity, meaning 10% of sales for every night or rental purchased over the life of the business.

B&B rooms

Number of rooms: 24
Cost of investment per room for investors: $600
Cost of room per night for guests: $30

Investor returns:

  • $3 per night
  • Up to ~$1000 per year

B&B suites

Number of rooms: 6
Cost of investment per room for investors: $1,200
Cost of room per night for guests: $60

Investor returns:

  • $6 per night
  • Up to ~$2,000 per year

Discounts for large groups [6+] and during ‘soft’ opening will be applied; prices may fluctuate and are expected to increase over time.

The initial investment will be repaid within 12 months and returns paid quarterly, biannually, annually, or another schedule if preferred.

verified record of all stays will be made available at the time that returns are paid.

To recap

10% equity: All micro-investors—whether investing in a hammock, tent, backcountry kit, room, or suite—will receive 10% equity share in their investment, which means a 10% share of each sale (night/rental) for the life of the business.

Free stays & rentals annually + special discounts: Investors will stay for free for two weeks in their investment with the option to upgrade at a discount price (e.g. from hammock to tent or room to suite). Investors who wish to stay longer than two weeks may do so at a discount rate. Backcountry kit investors will receive a free two-week rentalfor each backcountry kit in which they invest and lodging at a discount rate.

Returns schedule: Initial investments will be repaid to investors after 12 months. Returns will be paid to investors quarterly, biannually, annually, or on other schedules as requested.

Verified records: A verified record of all stays and rentals will be made available at the time that returns are paid. This record will also show any changes in price.

As prices rise, so do returns: Since investors receive a 10% share of each sale, regardless of price, if the price for guests rise, returns also rise.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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