Improving water security through the provision of purified groundwater wherever there is need

NED Africa recently installed a community water supply system in one of the Hohoe District villages in our target area. A project more than two years in the making, this system provides purified groundwater to the whole village via a submerged water pump.

In 2015, the village held a community-wide forum to discuss the possibility of establishing a water supply system. There, the vast majority of villagers expressed their desire for such a system, given that the village had always depended solely on a creek for its water supply. This required villagers, mostly women and children, to walk long distances everyday to fetch water, carrying heavy loads.

Long walks in harsh environments are not safe. Women and children risk animal attacks as well as sexual assaults from men. The strain on their bodies from carrying heavy containers (often 20 kg each) over long distances is as well a serious health issue which accessible water eliminates. Furthermore, the fall rainy season had arrived, meaning the use of creeks and rivers for drinking water, like villagers here have always done, poses much higher risks of water-borne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid. Last year, there was a cholera outbreak which left five children dead due to contamination of the creek water during the rainy season. Globally, up to 25 children die every day from health issues originating from absence of accessible, clean, drinking water.

A $17,000 USD project for which NED Africa was the sole funder, the pump system now provides purified groundwater to the entire village at all hours of the day, even its far reaches.

We are committed to ending child mortality. Doing so starts with providing children with consistent access to clean and safe drinking water, which NED Africa’s community water supply project provides. We are now working to establish similar water supply systems in neighboring communities in the region.

Watch NED Africa in action: Installing a submerged water pump

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