NED Africa emphasizes the importance of conservation and protection of biodiversity, and the development of skills and talents of local people living close to tropical forest reserves.

We use a holistic approach to tropical forest restoration which includes animal conservation and poverty alleviation of local people. This approach emerges from our two decades of existence as NED Africa during which we have sown over 12 million seedlings and saplings, actively restoring thousands of hectares of tropical forests in reserves and communities in Ghana and Togo.

Almost half of the trees that we planted over the years have been chopped or burned down by the people living around our project areas for fuel, hunting, and economic reasons. The perennial bush fire, which occurs during the dry season, is most often caused by hunters who set uncontrolled fires in the forests in order to catch animals for food or income that quickly spread, destroying trees and other vegetation.

We at NED Africa recognize that it is crucial for any successful forest restoration program to ensure that local people benefit from it, particularly by providing them with alternative income-generation and fuel sources.  Through providing such alternatives, we encourage them to protect the tropical forests under restoration and the trees which NED Africa has planted and to cease logging and setting fires in the reserves.

We aim to actively restore tropical forests by cultivating saplings in our nurseries and planting them in tropical forest reserves in Ghana for the purposes of reforestation and afforestation while we protect the reserves from most land-use activities, work to expand existing reserves, and help to establish new ones.

Our specific objectives include:

  1. End all deforestation within existing tropical forest reserves in Ghana and across Africa.
  2. Ensure restoration and conservation practices within existing tropical forest reserves.
  3. Sequester carbon through tropical reforestation and afforestation.
  4. Establish new tropical forest reserves.

We aim to protect wildlife living in tropical forests in Ghana, Togo, and Benin.

Our specific objectives include:

  1. Protect wildlife within tropical forest reserves.
  2. Revitalize, strengthen, and expand existing animal sanctuaries.
  3. Create new animal sanctuaries.

By building sustainable livelihoods for local people we build sustainable partnerships with them to preserve and protect tropical forests and their inhabitants. We do so primarily through the provision of sustainable resources (such as biogas, solar, bio-charcoal), income-generating opportunities, education, training, promotion of public health, and youth development.

We aim to promote healthy, prosperous lives of local people through the following objectives:

  1. Offer skilled, well-paying work.
  2. Ensure families eat nutritious, balanced diet and achieve sufficient daily caloric intake.
  3. Cover education costs for all children.
  4. Provide training and opportunities for entrepreneurship.
  5. Build community ties through income-generating activities.

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