A strong foundation upon which to build sustainable livelihoods

We aim to provide local people with practical education and training that will serve as a strong foundation upon which to build sustainable livelihoods. We offer classes, workshops and apprenticeship opportunities designed to enable people to develop skills and knowledge that lead to stable employment and successful entrepreneurship.

Practical Entrepreneurship

With a focus on building capacities in entrepreneurship, we introduce people to potential business ventures—such as soap-making, beekeeping, and animal husbandry—providing both the hands-on skills-training as well as the business and finance principles needed for starting and running a small business. Once individuals have completed our training program, we offer them seed capital to start their venture.

By offering training in business ventures that provide products and services that have practical importance in their communities, such as soap-making and tofu preparation, we help to build self-reliance and strong businesses.

Given that most families in our target area are cash poor, oftentimes earning less than $100 in a year, buying soap presents a formidable challenge, with consequences for health and hygiene. Teaching people how to make soap means they will be able to make it for themselves as well as sell it to earn income. Likewise, in teaching people how to make tofu—the most affordable source of protein in these areas—they will be able to produce it for themselves and their families, improving their food security and nutrition. Producing it for sale provides them with a source of income.

Effective Farming and Agribusiness

Given that most families in these communities are subsistence farmers, we emphasize education and training that support farmers. Our teaching farm, located at the youth center, serves as a site to train youth and adults for various opportunities in the agricultural sector, utilizing sustainable methods.

We will offer classes and workshops in effective farming techniques that promote healthy soils and higher yielding crops. Such techniques we teach include: land preparation, soil types, propagation, seeds—including proper seed selection—nurseries, irrigation, weed control, manure and fertilizer, care for young saplings, and harvesting. We also offer training in agribusiness so that farmers and apprentices can turn their harvests into income-generating opportunities.

Arts and Crafts

The Volta Region has a rich tradition in arts and crafts, providing another avenue for entrepreneurship in the Wli township. We offer workshops and apprenticeships in painting, carving, beadwork, pottery, and kente weaving, inspiring a new generation of artists and artisans to earn income through sales of their works.

Computer Literacy and Online Education

In our state-of-the-art library and computer lab, located in the youth center, we will offer classes in computer literacy and provide individuals with access to free online classes, certifications, and degree programs. In doing so, they can further develop their capacities in an array of fields such as business management, entrepreneurship, tourism and hospitality, sales, finance, marketing, skilled trades, project management, accounting, science among others.

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