New-Age Environmental Development of Africa

Established in 1997, New-Age Environmental Development of Africa (NED Africa) is a social enterprise and charity based in Ghana dedicated to tropical forest restoration in Africa to address climate change in cooperation with local communities.

UN agencies have embarked on a wide array of projects throughout the continent to improve energy efficiency that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as through the solar
power, hydropower, alternative fuels and sustainable construction.

Our Vision

To restore harmonious relationships between humans and the biosphere by cooperatively conserving and protecting trees, plants, and wildlife across Africa and bringing carbon levels in the atmosphere into equilibrium.

Our Mission

To address climate change on a large scale by working across Africa to restore tropical forests, revitalize and expand animal sanctuaries, and  build sustainable livelihoods for local people through education, training, income-generating opportunities, and access to sustainable resources.

Our Values


Our Core Objectives

  • End all deforestation within tropical forest reserves

  • Ensure restoration and conservation practices within tropical forest reserves

  • Sequester carbon through tropical reforestation and afforestation

  • Cultivate specific tree crops that serve as food for animals living in sanctuaries

  • Create sustainable income-generating and employment opportunities

  • Provide technical education and training

  • Offer microloans as start-up capital for entrepreneurial businesses including animal husbandries to minimize animal hunting in reserves and sanctuaries

  • Provide one daily square meal for women, children, and the elderly

  • Improve the water supply and sanitation

  • Enhance cross-cultural volunteering programs

  • Ensure equal access to basic education for all children

  • Establish a youth center providing tutoring, computer literacy, online courses, and other training and support

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